About Us

Who are we

We are a not-for-profit community association formed to serve and give back to the community.

There are 3 main goals which became the foundation for RANI
1) Sharing and celebrating the rich Rajasthani culture
2) Bonding within the community
3) Paying it forward

So… this is RANI in a nutshell - a big family of closely knit Rajasthanis residing in NSW.

Sharing and celebrating the rich Rajasthani culture

The 1st goal is to make RANI a platform, an avenue for people in NSW those who share Rajasthani culture; it is for those who have their ancestry from Rajasthan; it is for people who are from Rajasthan or even if those who are not from Rajasthan but have a Rajasthani heart; RANI is for people who love Rajasthan & its rich cultural heritage. So basically, RANI is for all of us, it is for you, it is for me and it is for our upcoming generation who are born in Australia.

Bonding within the community

The 2nd goal which became a foundation for RANI is bonding: RANI is for us to come & celebrate our festivals & special occasions together. It is for us to be with each other in happiness and sorrow as one community standing hand in hand with our fellow Rajasthanis. RANI is for us to preserve, celebrate and pass on this rich cultural heritage to our next generation, who being in Australia may not be having same opportunities to experience the rich Rajasthani culture as you & I have been fortunate to have. After all, Rajasthan & its colourful vibrant culture was, is and will always be the predominant face of Indian tourism. As a Rajasthani, we are proud of our heritage and RANI is a way, a source to pass this on to our next generations. We take pride in being the first point of contact for a large number of families migrating to Australia. It provides a soft landing for the immigrants and helps them create their own social circles.

Pay it forward

Finally, the 3rd goal that is a foundation pillar of RANI is “Pay it forward”. RANI is a source for us to make a positive mark on the society. We, you & I, have been fortunate enough to be blessed with so many opportunities in life. We all are already, or are planning in different ways trying to share our fortune with those less fortunate than us. So RANI is for us to come together as a community and serve the community. There is so much to do for nature, people and our community. Together we can and we will. At RANI we are looking forward to making positive impacts for the good of nature and community.