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Rajasthani Association of NSW Inc.


RANI is...

RANI is a source….a source to connect all of us with our rich Rajasthani cultural heritage…
RANI is a treasure box….a treasure box where we are trying to preserve this beautiful sabhyata & sanskriti
RANI is a platform…a platform for all of us to showcase our talent
RANI is a vision….a vision aiming to do something for our motherland & pay it forward to our community
RANI is a Mela…where we all celebrate our amazing festivals together
RANI is a school… a school to teach our next generation to stay rooted with our Rajasthani culture. We are trying to preserve, celebrate and pass on this rich cultural heritage to our next generation, who being in Australia may not be having the same opportunities to experience the rich Rajasthani culture as you & I have been fortunate to have.
RANI is a FAMILY….a family to love, care & support each other, be with each other through high & low tides of life.
RANI is a home away from home

What do we do

RANI is a not-for-profit organisation based out of Sydney. We are a volunteer run organisation that believes in making valuable contribution to society - both in Sydney as well as back in our roots, Rajasthan.

We organise a large number of events to celebrate, preserve and pass on Rajasthani culture and festivals. For example, we are the only organisation that celebrates the Gangaur procession in Australia.

In collaboration with multiple not-for-profit organisations, we contribute to various schools in Rajasthan and help improve the quality of education for the students studying in various villages from where we hail.

We take pride in being the first point of contact for a large number of families migrating to Australia. It provides a soft landing for the immigrants and helps them create their own social circles.

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